Art Takes Patience Enamel Mug


Hey you brave artist, you deserve a moment to take a deep breath. Developing your craft and creating something truly unique doesn’t happen overnight. When things take a little longer than you expected, this enamel mug brings you an extra dose of motivation.

Sip your tea or coffee while you create your art or finish your work, and curl your fingers around a beautifully illustrated phrase. Let yourself be reminded that everything worth creating takes time.

This white enamel mug features the phrase “Art Takes Patience” in elegant lettering, and holds 10 ounces of your favorite hot drink. It’s made of metal and stainless steel and sublimation coated white gloss. Due to the rustic nature of camp mugs, you may see small imperfections such as dents, bubbles + other rustic features. Consider it part of its one-of-a-kind personality! This mug doesn’t do so well in a dishwasher, so keep it looking like new by only hand washing it.

Be reminded that all good and beautiful things take time. This enamel mug was created for you, babe - so you can sip your drink and know that art takes patience.